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The bilateral cooperation between the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea and The Serbian Ministry for the Environment and Spatial Planning started in 2002 with the signature of the MoU on “Cooperation for environmental protection” aimed at the exchange of experiences in the following areas:
  • Development of a legislative framework for the ratification of Kyoto Protocol
  • Implementation of a national inventory system to monitor the emissions of greenhouse gasses
  • Elaboration of national communication on climate change as required by UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol
  • Evaluation of potential CDM projects for carbon credits generation
  • Development of national framework necessary for the implementation of Clean Development Mechanism: support to the Designated National Authority (DNA)

In particular the following projects have been implemented: 

Development of a legislative framework for Kyoto Protocol ratification and institution of the Designated National Authority for the implementation of bilateral projects in the framework of Clean Development Mechanism
Reconnaissance of potential CDM projects in energetic field
A first reconnaissance of possible CDM projects in energetic field has been realized, with particular reference to small-hydro power plants, energy efficiency in industrial and civil field, wind database of possible sites to implement energetic aeolian projects.
Elimination of chemical substance dangerous for ozone layer
The project, realized with the collaboration of UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) and finished in 2007, led to the elimination of chlorofluorocarbons in domestic refrigerators and freezers used by OBOD Elektroindustrija (Belgrade).
International Workshop on Water Transboundary Management in South Eastern Europe
The Ministry for the Environment Land and Sea financed the workshop on water transboundary management in south east Europe to implement the cooperation on water basins shared by EU and non-EU countries. In fact, the guidelines provided by the Senior Management and the convention UNECE on Water have been acquired and also the bilateral and multilateral cooperation for transboundary basins management have been reinforced.
 Reduction of chemical substance in agriculture
The aim of the project was reduction of fertilizers and pesticides and introduction of innovative technology in agriculture. In details, a training activity has been organized on many farms in order to introduce the innovative technology so that the local staff could learn and develop it on the Serbian farms.
“Environment for Europe” Conference, Belgrade 10th October 2007
The Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea, trough ITF Italian Trust Fund instituted at the Regional Environmental Centre, contributed to the realization of basic documents (regarding investment for infrastructure, formation, climate change and environmental law) preparatory to Ministerial Declaration adopted at the Conference.
Legal assistance to encourage the harmonization of Serbian environmental legislation with acquis communautaire
According to the working plan arranged with Serbian authorities, the activities of legal assistance are mainly achieved in the following fields:
  • Primary and Secondary legislation in air quality framework;
  • Primary legislation in environmental responsibility framework;
  • European and Italian legislation in energy efficiency framework;
In the framework of legal assistance related to environmental legislation, on the basis of homonym European directive and its adoption in the Italian legislation, several reports have been arranged.
Regarding legal assistance in energy efficiency framework, a report has been arranged on the principal European directives and its adoption in the Italian legislation with reference to the residential field and White Certificate system.
Reforestation project in the district of Vojvodina
A study of feasibility for the reforestation of Vojvodina district has been elaborated to evaluate both the opportunity to participate to CDM projects and to promote sustainable production of pellets to be exported using woody twiddle culture (five or seven years). The project local partner is the public enterprise called “Vode Vojvodine” that manages about 13.000 hectare of woodland, whose 3.000 hectare are without trees.
Energetic and environmental requalification programme in the industrial area of Pančevo (Pančevo Action Programme)
The programme represents one of the most important activities that the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea has developed in Serbia. After an analysis on the state of pollution presented in this area, several important priorities have been located: environmental risk monitoring, formation, air quality, water quality, land and ground water reclamation, clean energy production, technologic requalification for control and prevention of risk in the industrial processes. In the framework of Pančevo Action Programme studies of feasibility in the following field have been achieved:
  • Effluent water treatment plant in the municipality of Pančevo
  • Industrial Atmospheric Pollution Management System
  • Environmental Reclamation of the sediments in Pančevo channel
  • Optimization of Heating District System in the municipality of Pančevo
  • Optimization of Energy Efficiency in HIP Azotara
  • Industrial Security Management System in HIP Azotara
  • Characterization and reclamation in hydrocarbon polluted areas
  • Industrial effluent treatment and management
  • Urban solid waste management
 Pancevo Action Program – Current Status
After the closure of the IMELS office in Pancevo at the end of 2007 all the activities are coordinated from the Belgrade office. Among all the projects developed under the Pancevo Action Program the following few have reached the most advanced phase.
Technical Support in the Urban Waste Sector
The Technical Support in the Urban Waste Sector is one of the projects in the framework of Pancevo Action Program which will be realized. The fund for the realization of this project has been secured through the “Protocolo Antonione” fund managed in Serbia by Italian Cooperation.
The project has been modified after a series of institutional and technical meetings aimed at finalizing the project approach and meeting the needs of the City of Pancevo.
The realization is in the advanced phase at the moment. The international tender for the waste management equipment has been published in April ’09 and closed on June 19th 2009. The winner has been selected and the equipment is expected to arrive in Pancevo in July/August 2010.
The obligation of the City of Pancevo is to prepare all infrastructures necessary to receive the equipment purchased through the tender. One of the main is a building (around 1,000m2) for installation of bailing press with auxiliary equipment for packaging of separately selected waste.
 Waste Water Treatment Plant
In the sector of water quality a project of Extension and Upgrading of the Sanitation Facilities and Implementation of the Wastewater Treatment Facility has reached the most advanced phase. IMELS prepared the following documentation in the Serbian language by the year 2007:
  • General design of the Wastewater Treatment Plant, revised by Revision Commission of Autonomous Region of Vojvodina
  • Preliminary Design / Feasibility Study with Environmental Impact Assessment ready for the Revision Commission together with the Tender documentation
Mostly due to the lack of money and impossibility to close the financial construction the City of Pancevo didn’t go for this project.
At the moment there are some negotiations with the City of Pancevo and Serbian Ministry for the Environment and Spatial Planning aimed to reactivate and realize this project.
 Call for Expression of Interest for receiving co-financing for preparation of PDDs for identified CDM projects under the bilateral cooperation between the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea and the Serbian Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning
The aim of the Call for Expression of Interest is to assist companies interested to invest or raise investments for implementation of identified CDM project activities through receiving co-financing for preparation of Project Design Document (PDD). Within the Call and in accordance with the Agreement on Donation between the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Government of the Republic of Italy, precedence shall be given to Italian companies for developing following projects:
  1.  afforestation of bare soils in central Serbia
  2. power and heat production from wood biomass
  3. grid connected electricity generation using wind energy
  4. energy efficiency measures in Hipol A.D. factory
  5. LFG collection and utilization at the landfill “Jovanovac”
  6. AWMS methane recovery project, Pik - Becej
  7. CDM project activity in brown colal mine “Soko”, Sokobanja