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ยง Path: Romania

The bilateral cooperation between the Italian Ministry for the Environment Land and Sea and the Romanian Ministry for the Environment started on December 2004 with the MoU on ‘Environmental protection and sustainable development’ e continues on the basis of the Mou on Climate Change signed in Bucarest in 2006.
In Romania the task Force developed following activities:
  • REHRA project to develop a methodology for the evaluation ok environmental and sanitary risk in Danubio river basin.
  • Elimination of methyl bromide in horticulture for land disinfection
  • W BLESS Project to increase environmental system management to heal Black Sea coastal area according to EU directive on water.
  • TEIAMM Project to elaborate a methodology to manage transboundary effects dued to industrial accidents in Danubio river basin.
  • TEIAMM 2 to complete the results with TEIAMM
  • Experience spreading on the access and use of European funds trough seminars on structural funds planning.
  • Technical assistance to update national strategy on sustainable development.
  • REIS project to manage an informative system (Environmental Information System) and INTRANET communication among environmental institutions responsible for environmental politics.
  • Extreme event project consisting in post degree courses set up in Italian Institute specialized in climate change study and dangerous consequence.
  • Feasibility study to create a system on urban and industrial solid waste treatment in the area of Bucarest-IIfov.
  • Environmental taxation to analyze fiscal instrumentation and effects.