Сотовый и монолитный поликарбонат в Днепропетровске.

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The Italian Ministry for the Environment and Territory signed in 2002 two Memoranda of Understanding on the cooperation in the field of environment; the first one with the Ministry of Environment and Water, and the second one with the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works. Both MoUs are still in force.

ISKAR Project

A pilot project for the environmental and health risk evaluation in the area of Lower Danube. The project objective is to support the implementation of the Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC in Bulgaria, elaborating an Action plan applied and tested in the Iskar river basin. The project has been completed. A follow up was being evaluated, based also on the specific request by the Bulgarian counterpart for the development of “Water Monitoring Network”.

Dobrich Project

An update on the Master Plan on water and sewage systems, focused in particular on the reduction of water losses. The project aims at analysing also the validity of the innovative interventions in the sector of research on dispersion and inefficiency of the distribution network of natural gas in the city of Dobric. The project has been completed.

Cerni-Ossam Project

A feasibility study and a Master Plan for the construction of an integrated water management system for the municipalities of Troyan, Lovech and Pleven.

W-BLESS bis Project

An integrated management of the Black Sea coasts. The project has been extended to all the Countries adjacent to the Black Sea. The project objective is to develop an integrated environmental system enabling management/monitoring/forecast of the river basins, coasts and marine water of the coastal areas of the Countries adjacent to the Black Sea.
The Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE) and the Ministry of Production Activities evaluated a project for the establishment of an Energy and Environment Consulting Centre in the Black Sea area. The project has been presented pursuant to the Law 84/01 in March 2005.