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Within the partnership ADRICOSM the Italian Ministry for the Environment Land and Sea, developed the following goals:
  • Organize international research programme to promote development and application of marine and coastal monitoring system, to improve environmental prevision capacity in the region of Adriatic Sea in order to realized an integrated system for coastal and fluvial basins management.
  • Consolidate prevision an monitoring system trough demonstration of use performed by international users.
In the framework of ADRICOSM partnership the following projects have been achieved:
  • ADRICOSM-EXT consists in the construction of a brief term prevision system and monitoring of marine circulation variability in the coast; implementation of an integrated plan and a system to manage urban sewer channel and water effluent cycle of disposal; evaluation of the results and diffusion of products to user community.
  • NERES PROJECT for environmental requalification and sustainable development in Neretva delta. The task is to evaluate the extension of saline intrusion and identify the possible actions of phenomenon mitigation; assure nature conservation and the protection of delta and humid zone ecosystem; promote sustainable use of resources and sustainable development of economic activities.
  • Training in cooperation with REC and Umana Dimora Unlus in order to improve natural parks and Bosnia-Herzegovina areas management.
  • Institutional assistance to enforce the ministries of the two entity federated in Bosnia (Bosnia Herzegovina Federation ad Republic of Srpska) involved in environmental field.