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The bilateral cooperation between the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea and the Albanian Ministry for Forest and Water Management started on may 2005 with the MoU aimed at the implementation of a technical assistance programme for the evaluation of GHG emission reduction trough the constitution of a local entity able to implement UNFCCC and Kyoto protocol directives.
In particular the following projects can be pointed out:
  • GEF/UNPD project on ‘Market transformation for solar thermal water heating in Albania’ to promote and support the activities in the field of solar thermal heating system in Albania.
  • ADRICOSM-STAR project that provides to develop a monitoring system in the Montenegrin coast and Bojana river basin, that is between Albania and Montenegro, to support sustainable development in the coastal area.
  • Project in cooperation with REC (Regional Environmental Centre) ‘Education for sustainable development at secondary schools: beyond piloting the Green Pack Albania in basic education system’ aimed to establish training courses for teacher to introduce environmental education in the university study plan.
  • Water resource monitoring system in the Ishem river basin establishing a methodology to manage water resource in Albania.
  • Development of the necessary capacity to implement the activities that manage air quality. It schedules assistance for the realization of emission inventories in atmosphere aimed at air quality management according the Convention ‘Lon Range Transboundary Air Pollution’ and the UE Directive 96/62/CE.
  • HYPAD.COM project develops the use of iperspectral observable technology for the study of  Sud-Eastern Adriatic coastal and transition areas to support land management in Albanian and Montenegrin coast.
  • Aeolian resource assessment in Albania that allows a complete database on aeolian potentiality and an average of the biggest aeolian potential.
  • Legal assistance to provide a permanent support in the framework of international and community environmental law.
  • Environmental education project. In collaboration with the School Office of the Italian Embassy in Tirana, with MASH and the Regional Directorate of Education in Tirana, a program will be organized that will help to improve the level of awareness and students education, with regard to themes of environmental protection, the proper waste  disposal and reduction  of environmental pollution.
  • Estimation of wind resources in Albania, which has already resulted in a complete and detailed mapping of the wind potential of the country ”Wind Energy Resource Assessment in the Republic of Albania” and aims at promoting this source of removable energy as an attractive sector of investment